A dona que eu am’e tenho por senhor (Portuguese Edition)

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Eno sagrado em Vigo , Martim Codax. Eu velida nom dormia , Pedro Anes Solaz.

Ouça as rádios

Falou-m'hoj'o meu amigo , D. Faz-m'agora por si morrer , Vidal. Foi-s'o namorado, madr', e nom o vejo , Paio Calvo. Fostes, filha, eno bailar , Pero Meogo. Fremosas, a Deus grado, tam bom dia comigo , Bernal de Bonaval. Joam Rodriguiz foi desmar a Balteira , Afonso X.

Levad', amigo que dormide'las manhanas frias , Nuno Fernandes Torneol. Levantou-s'a velida , D. Madre, pois nom posso veer , Nuno Peres Sandeu. Mala ventura me venha , Rui Pais de Ribela. Mandad'hei comigo , Martim Codax.

Mia irmana fremosa, treides comigo , Martim Codax. Mia madre velida , D.

Bernal de Bonaval

Mia madre, venho-vos rogar , Afonso Mendes de Besteiros. Muitos me dizem que servi doado , Afonso Sanches. Nom chegou, madr', o meu amigo , D. Nom me posso pagar tanto , Afonso X. Nom quer'eu donzela fea , Afonso X. Nom sei como me salv'a mia senhor , D. Nom sei hoj', amigo, quem padecesse , D. Nostro Senhor! O genete , Afonso X. O que da guerra levou cavaleiros , Afonso X. O que foi passar a serra , Afonso X. O que vos nunca cuidei a dizer , D. Ondas do mar de Vigo , Martim Codax.

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Pois naci nunca vi Amor , Nuno Fernandes Torneol. Pois que diz meu amigo , D. Pois que vos Deus, amigo, quer guisar , D. Porque no mundo mengou a verdade , Airas Nunes. Quand'eu um dia fui em Compostela , Pedro Amigo de Sevilha. Quand'eu vejo las ondas , Rui Fernandes de Santiago. Quand', amiga, meu amigo veer , Afonso Sanches. Quantas sabedes amar amigo , Martim Codax. Que mui gram prazer que eu hei, senhor , D. Quix bem, amigos, e quer'e querrei , D. If this hypothesis is true, the troubadour was a priest in the Moors-free northwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. Christian priests from the vicinity of Santiago de Compostela actively participated in the Reconquista movement and the development of Galician-Portuguese poetry.

In the cantiges of the Songwriter of Ajud Cancioneiro de Ajuda , the poet uses the forgotten medieval term segrell Gal.

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Segrer [4] [5]. In the social hierarchy, the segrel stood above the juggler and below the troubadour. Segrel came from a noble family that did not occupy a very high social position. Unlike the juggler, he composed and performed his own songs, that is, he was a professional poet, but did not belong to a high and powerful nobility. A segrell could be an hidalgo who traveled freely on horseback from one royal court to another [6]. According to researchers, Bernal de Bonaval was one of the first authors to use the Galician-Portuguese language as the literary language of the northwestern part of the Pyrenees.

He belonged to a generation of authors of the "pre-Alfonsian era. For troubadours from the environment of Alfonso X the Wise, Bonaval became an object of ridicule, since he dared to follow samples of oral folk art, whose aesthetics differed from the courteous lyrics developed under the influence of Provencal culture. This archaic drama is felt in a short cantig about love A dona que eu am'e tenho por senhor , in which love is adjacent to death [12]. Currently, 19 songs of Bernal de Bonaval are known: 10 cantigas about love cantigas de amor , 8 cantigues about a friend cantigas de amigo and one tenson in collaboration with Abril Peres [5].

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  • The question of the reliable identification of Abril Peres Galician or Portuguese? And his affiliation with troubadours or jugglers is debated and remains open [13]. However, Abril Perez in his only surviving cantig — the aforementioned tenson with Bonaval Abril Peres, muit'hei eu gram pesar — leaves the last and final word for himself in the last stanza. Abril Perez calls Don Bernaldo a segrell, recalls hierarchy among poets, implying that he belongs to a higher rank of troubadours, and claims his own superiority.

    This tennson of love belongs to the cantig genre without refrain cantigas de mestria and is one of the rare examples of tenns that are not acute satirical. With the modern performance of medieval Galician-Portuguese songs, the courtly canon may be violated, according to which a cantiga about a friend the lyrical "I" speaks on behalf of a woman was composed and performed by a man: troubadour, segrell or juggler.


    Bernal de Bonaval. It is possible that some cantiges of Bonaval were composed precisely for this occasion: Dissa fremosa en bonaual assy Ay deus hu e meu amigo daqi De bonaual. Believing him, I confessed with misfortune: is it possible for me to be alone on a holiday - in Bonaval? A good news did not leave me a friend - Merry came, but suddenly cried - in Bonaval.

    Petersburg State University, with the assistance of ed. Affonso X. Pero da Ponte, paro-vos sinal.