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T he Crown season 3 starts out in the least chill way ever: Queen Elizabeth learns that the dude in charge of all her fancy art is secretly a KGB spy and he fully lives at Buckingham Palace.

CIA vs KGB: Battleground Berlin (Cold War Documentary) - Timeline

Which, like Moving on. Whomst, you ask? Oh, ya know, just a group of high society spies working for the Soviet Union between the s and early s.

The Spy and the Traitor by Ben Macintrye review – the astonishing story of a cold war superspy

This crew was recruited during their time at the University of Cambridge in the s and all had high positions in the British Government. Anthony was subsequently interrogated, and he confessed in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Which, uh, apparently everyone agreed to?

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Everyone found out the truth about Anthony 15 years after his confession in , when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher came clean to the House of Commons. He died a few years later at The atmosphere in Cambridge was so intense, the enthusiasm for any anti-fascist activity was so great, that I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Type keyword s to search. Anyway, Wilson was cleared by both the MI5 and the show's writers, who use the episode to tell the startling story of a real-life Russian mole on the queen's staff.

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  • Wait, Was a KGB Spy Really Living in Buckingham Palace Like ‘The Crown’ Claims?!;
  • Wait, Was a KGB Spy Really Living in Buckingham Palace Like ‘The Crown’ Claims?!.
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His spy job: member of the Cambridge Five, a spy-ring that included British intelligence agent Kim Philby, considered one of the most devastating double-agents in history. Blunt was turned by the Soviets in the s, then went on to work for MI5 during World War II, passing along still undisclosed secrets.

Jack Barsky: The KGB spy who lived the American dream

While compressing some aspects of his story, the show accurately depicts the bizarre circumstances of his unmasking. Credit: AP. After American authorities are tipped off about him, they tip off their British counterparts, who decide — with the Queen's apparent blessing — to extract a confession and, in an effort to avoid embarrassment, keep the entire sordid affair secret.

What The Crown doesn't reveal is what happened 15 years later, when Blunt's identity as a spy was revealed by John Boyle, a Scottish journalist, in his book The Climate of Treason. Blunt held a news conference more or less admitting his betrayal.

Minister Margaret Thatcher appeared before Parliament and officially disclosed Blunt's identity. Her dramatic comments stunned the country and helped solidify the nickname given to her by the Soviets — "The Iron Lady.

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Thatcher even detailed what the Queen knew seemingly all of it and when as soon as the government knew.