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He has been intimately involved in the development and implementation of evidence-based programs at Youth Villages, including trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, Multisystemic Therapy, Collaborative Problem Solving and other outcome-based strategies. He has served a gubernatorial appointment to the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth, been a member of the national advisory council of the Children in Managed Care Initiative of the Center for Healthcare Strategies funded by the Annie E.

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Kristin Landers, M. Prior to this position, she served as Clinical Program Manager for the YVLifeSet program serving youth age 17 — 22 who are aging out of the child welfare or juvenile justice system or who otherwise find themselves without the necessary skills to make a successful transition to adulthood. She developed the program model, which specifies principles, practice elements, interventions, and outcomes; she also created and implements the model fidelity measurement system that provides a comprehensive review of program functioning from multiple perspectives.

She oversees the implementation of the clinical model, which features structured supervision and consultation with model experts; she led the team that selects, trains, and monitors the work of the clinical consultants, who are all licensed clinicians as well as experts in the YVLifeSet model. She is responsible for ongoing development of the model through the identification of new evidence-based or research-informed practices for the population and the translation of those interventions into practice.

The YVLifeSet Program was the subject of the largest clinical trial to date to test the impact of services for this population and remains one of the only programs to demonstrate multiple positive impacts. As a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, her work with victims of domestic violence, opportunity youth, and families with multiple challenges has informed her search for the most effective interventions to ensure long-term success for young people.

In this position, he oversees the program practice and fidelity adherence in the seven states where YVLifeSet is serving to help young adults successfully reach their interdependent living goals. He is responsible for the program model reviews that ensure that instrumental and long term outcomes are achieved by effective implementation of interventions along multiple domains of practice. He is responsible for the ongoing development of the licensed clinical consultants who monitor progress and quality of service provided in the YVLifeSet program.

Prior to this position, he served as a licensed consultant for community based programs, providing clinical oversight, development, and support to direct care staff and has over 20 years of experience in the field. Outside of Youth Villages, he serves as associate pastor at his church, providing mentorship and pastoral care for youth, young adults, and their families in his community. Youth Villages. Become a Holiday Hero!

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    Youth Villages shared a post. If you were waiting for a sign, we've got you covered! Adoption Awareness Month is in full affect and you can be a part of it! Share the social stories on our pages of the youth in our care who are hoping to find their forever family!

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    You can also find more information by visiting: www. Ciara has big plans for her future! She wants to become a psychologist and work with kids as well as major in human services so that she can help children find a loving and caring home. Ciara is currently looking for her own foreverfamily. Read more about Ciara and share her story. Youth Villages shared an album. H Run was a success!

    A big thanks to all participants and volunteers! Youth Populations AYPF focuses on improving policies and practices that impact traditionally underserved youth, ages 14 — English Language Learners. First-Generation College Students. Justice-Involved Youth. Opportunity Youth. Rural Populations. Youth Experiencing Homelessness. Youth in Foster Care. Youth with Disabilities. Carl D. Perkins Act.

    State-Level Policies. The Latest from our Blog. Not only discusses the problems facing today's youth, but offers simple yet effective ways the family and church can help. A must read for all Christian families. Included are reprinted original documents and discussions of: -The Prohibitory Act What it meant that the Founding Fathers did not go against a lawful government.

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    Now you can reclaim this heritage as you learn and teach your children. Each level cover seven principles of God upon which this nation was built. Seven Key Principles 1. The Principle of Individuality Everything God creates is unique, individual, and for a purpose. Everything God creates, He provides for, protects, and maintains. God uses individual people, events, documents, nations, etc. The Principle of Self-Government A man cannot rule our country, unless he can manage a state, but a man cannot manage a state, unless he can lead a county, but a man cannot lead a county, unless he can head a city, but a man cannot head a city, unless he can guide a family, but a man cannot guide a family, unless he can govern himself, but a man cannot govern himself, unless he has reason, but a man cannot have reason, unless he is ruled by and obedient to God.

    America's Heritage of Christian Character We need to teach our children that we are warriors in a battle for God. We are in constant conflict with sin in our everyday lives. By knowing and remembering what God has done for our nation, we can learn to recognize what God is doing in our own lives. Once we recognize the hand of God in history, our lives, and in the lives of our families, we have discovered wisdom.

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    We need to share our personal witness with our students, children, and families. By sharing it, we and others are encouraged, enlightened, reminded of God's steadfastness, and our faith in future help is renewed. By the dominion mandate both after the fall and after the flood, man was given the right to own property.

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    7. Man has both internal property and external property. Of all the property which man owns, the conscience is the most sacred. It is one's conscience that determines if one chooses right or wrong. It is the conscience that decides whether or not to accept Christ…it is the nearest the heart of God. We all need to be more aware of our conscience and more sensitive to it. No, we are not all Christians, but the form of our government is Biblical and as such we have a Christian form of government. The exact name of our government is a Christian Federal Constitutional Republic not a democracy.

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      As Christians, we need to teach our children about our form of government and the need to protect its Biblical roots. What would happen? For one, the child would begin to teach others and take action to protect what God has given us in this nation.

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      The child would become an informed and active citizen. When one decides to come to Christ, it is not forced…it is a voluntary union. When our original thirteen colonies came together, it was voluntary unity.