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The self-assembly and evolution of homomeric protein complexes Phys. Knot controlled ejection of a polymer from a virus capsid Phys. Hydrodynamics of confined colloidal fluids in two dimensions Phys. E 79, Self-assembly of monodisperse clusters: Dependence on target geometry J.

Issue 3 June

Monodisperse self-assembly in a model with protein-like interactions J. Effect of topology on dynamics of knots in polymers under tension arXiv IVP, He is married to Hazel, a physics teacher, and they have two sons. He is currently preparing a monograph on Christology. Hannah is the Coordinator for God and the Big Bang, a national project inviting children and young people to explore. Hannah is the Coordinator for God and the Big Bang, a national project inviting children and young people to explore the dialogue between science and faith.

She is passionate about equipping Christians to act on the findings of Environmental Science. She also loves encouraging young people to ask hard questions and think through the philosophical challenges of our rapidly changing world. Scott Mandelbrote is a lecturer in history at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of Peterhouse College. Mr Mandelbrote's research topics have included Isaac Newton. He is particularly interested in the transformations of textual especially biblical authority that took place in the early modern world, in the process of the transmission of knowledge in that society, and in the changing impact of the printing press.

In addition she involved in interfaith dialogue and reconciliation, in particular through the medium of Scriptural reasoning. Hilary continues to write and speak widely on the theme of religion and the environment, both to academic and non-specialist audiences. Robert P.

Gordon and Hans M. Boda and J. He is working on a project, in collaboration with Prof. The precision and the relative ease of this procedure are unprecedented. While not yet in clinical use, the method is credited with a bright future in commercial and therapeutic contexts, but even in non-medical uses such as enhancing the capabilities of a healthy human person. For ethicists, this raises a wide range of questions about both the opportunities and the limits of legitimate human interventions.

His background is in theology and theological ethics.

He holds a PhD from Heidelberg University, Germany, for a book dealing with the interaction of doctrine and ethics: a postdoctoral research project that engaged in the dialogue between evolutionary biology and the Christian doctrine of creation. He also gained a good amount of teaching experience in Germany. It is exciting to be part of the Faraday Institute, and I am looking forward to meeting many in the wider circle of collaborators and supporters. This major research collaboration funded by the Wales Assembly Government aims to develop an internationally competitive infrastructure for clinical research in health and social care and is the Welsh component of the UK Clinical Research Network.

He is involved extensively at UK level in clinical trial design and execution in gastrointestinal cancers and is chair of the NCRI advanced colorectal cancer subgroup. This trial aims to recruit over patients from centres across the UK in the next two years. There is an extensive translational research programme running alongside the COIN trial, much of which is centred in Cardiff. He held a number of. His academic career began in. His academic career began in Oxford, where he studied chemistry as an undergraduate, and molecular biophysics for his PhD. After a fellowship at the University of Utrecht in , he returned to Oxford to continue his research alongside an undergraduate degree in theology.

He was awarded a personal chair professorship in theology in , and was the first director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics Alongside this he also served as an associate priest in a benefice within the Diocese of Oxford. McGrath is a prolific author of books and some of his most recent publications relevant to science-theology interactions are listed below.

His main research interests are in the fields of: condensed matter theory, strongly correlated electron systems, mesoscopic electronics, quantum phase transitions, disordered systems, nano-materials and mathematical physics.

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He has research grants to investigate strongly correlated electron models for organic superconductors, quantum phase transitions in random systems, mesoscopic electronic devices and electronic transport in DNA. Bill McKibben is an American environmentalist and writer who frequently writes about global warming and alternative energy and advocates for. Bill McKibben is an American environmentalist and writer who frequently writes about global warming and alternative energy and advocates for more localized economies. In he led the organization of The magazine named him to its inaugural list of the most important global thinkers, and MSN named him one of the dozen most influential men of It is regarded as the first book for a general audience about climate change, and has been printed in more than 20 languages.

Subsequent books include Deep Economy: the Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future March It addresses what the author sees as shortcomings of the growth economy and envisions a transition to more local-scale enterprise. In late summer , Bill helped lead a five-day walk across Vermont to demand action on global warming that some newspaper accounts called the largest demonstration to date in America about climate change.

Beginning in January he founded stepitup With six college students, he organized 1, global warming demonstrations across all 50 states of America on April 14, Step It Up has been described as the largest day of protest about climate change in the nation's history.

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A guide to help people initiate environmental activism in their community coming out of the Step It Up experience entitledFight Global Warming Now was published in October and a second day of action on climate change was held the following November 3. He is also a board member and contributor to Grist Magazine. Bill has been awarded Guggenheim and Lyndhurst Fellowships, and won the Lannan Prize for nonfiction writing in I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. Jul 07, AWB rated it did not like it Shelves: cheating.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Boss Me Please by Amy Brent

To view it, click here. This book was awful. She was weak and obviously got her kicks by being emotionally damaged.

Pet Food Recalls and Warnings

And he was an asshole with zero redeeming qualities. Also, cheating.


All over the place in this one. I hate cheating. Jul 01, Lena rated it it was ok. Good story line I enjoyed the actual storyline but I struggled with the editing issues, punctuation in the wrong spots and incorrect words made reading a struggle for me. I realize editing is difficult but there were so many issues I wonder if the correct version was published. Mar 12, Shelly Celli rated it it was amazing. Amy Brent has done another amazing job. Grace and Fletcher are amazing characters and their story was so heartbreaking, but amazing at the same time. Money and power isn't everything in life, but Fletcher refuses to see it.

He has his whole life mapped out by how much money he has and his social circle. No matter how much he wants Grace, he cannot stand the thoughts of being less than he is after how he grew up. Grace is a sweet girl that has been in love with her boss for years, and every time Amy Brent has done another amazing job. Grace is a sweet girl that has been in love with her boss for years, and every time he gets drunk, she gets a glimpse of the man she loves. Things go south for them after they go further than ever together, and she reconnects with her best friend and starts dating him.

Harrington doesn't make her feel the way Fletcher does, but she's willing to give him a chance to be a better man than Fletcher. After a wonderful weekend with Fletcher where they decide to try to make things work, Fletcher's social standing comes in first again and he break things off with Grace again. Only this time she's had enough and quits, then moves away.

Will these two ever find their happiness? Is Harrington all that Grace needs to be happy?

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Will Fletcher and Charolette make things permanent? Must read to find out. I voluntarily received and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. May 31, Georgette rated it did not like it. I can't. I tried. Periods all over the place. Missing words. Added words. It was just too much effort to get through. Mar 06, Deanna Wiley rated it it was amazing. Amazing short read steamy read. What the heart wants the heart gets.

Great story line and even better no cliff hangers. Mar 07, SouthernAngel rated it it was amazing. A fast paced office romance to get your emotions going with broken promises, heartbreak, passion and steamy scenes, and a HEA. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Jan 22, Kristene Silva Marie rated it liked it. It was a well-written, classic romance-styled novel, taboo romance intact. I liked it, but I couldn't go through with the bonus books - it was just too romantic for me.

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Mar 11, Kelshei rated it really liked it. There is a reason that the same storylines are used over and over: because people enjoy reading them. Unfortunately, those same old storylines can become trite and cliched if the author is not careful. Thankfully, Amy Brent's writing style lends a new eye to the May-December, interracial relationship between businessman Fletcher and his much younger personal assistant, Grace. By using alternating points of view, the author tells the story from the perspective of both characters which allows the There is a reason that the same storylines are used over and over: because people enjoy reading them.