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Participants will utilize barbell complexes for strength gains interspersed with body weight intervals. The boot camp class offered at Balance focuses on high heart rate training, designed to improve stamina, endurance, and body composition.

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Low impact, core focused, and functional movement class all rolled into one! Isolation work with slower, controlled reps or pulses, using body weight, bands, sliders and dumbbells. A circuit-style class involving multiple strength stations to get maximal muscular and cardiovascular endurance by using long work intervals. Put your head down and put in work!

Get Your Free Pass. Balance Barre The Balance Barre technique concentrates on developing core strength, lifting the seat muscles, creating postural alignment, and toning the whole body without creating bulk.

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Learn More. Balance Blast This minute express class is designed to blast your abs and glutes with a series of intervals. Balance Body A high-intensity class designed to aid in the development of overall fitness level and a well-rounded physique. Liabilities Student loan and credit card details Income Employer info and depository data.

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The 'Available' balance tells you how much you can spend today. It will include pending payments such as debit card POS transactions but will exclude recent contactless card payments. Any agreed overdraft you have with us will be included.

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The Account balance will show your balance on that day after all your transactions have come off. You can also watch our video explaining this. More information on your balance at the weekend.

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