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Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has suggested that after 'Avengers: Endgame' the Disney movie studio will focus on more narratives set in the past. Disney's big blockbuster franchise 'Star Wars' released a prequel in , 'Solo', but was considered a big box-office disappointment. VIDEO Squawk on the Street. Audiences accepted a giant purple alien with a rhinestone glove killing half of the universe, so the sky's the limit for what Marvel can adapt now, and they have 80 years of stories to pull from and all of their characters are available now.

Make It. Related Tags. Trending Now. Next Article. In , Sony struck a five-movie deal with Marvel Studios that permitted Spider-Man to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Avengers is coming to an end this spring. Read More. News Tips Got a confidential news tip? I think I should. You should come join PayPal. Otherwise the value of PayPal is zero. Like roadkill, out of business. Will he realize his vision of a more connected world? Part 2. And PayPal has become something of a legend in Silicon Valley — partially because of its incredible cast of characters: Peter Thiel.

Elon Musk. Max Levchin. Luke Nosek. And of course, Reid Hoffman. In fact, it brings to my mind another legendary group: The Beatles.

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Hear me out. Like the Beatles, the core team behind Paypal would go on to transform the world. Okay, so maybe the Paypal team lacked the throngs of screaming groupies. But, like the Fab Four, they were crazy geniuses. Each of them a hero on their own creative journey. Leading fans and commentators to later ask: Whose genius made the group what it was?

Or was it the group that made them geniuses? It just seemed so unlikely that they would have found each other at all. They also went through distinct phases — the idealism of their early days when they first banded together to the middle period, where they combined all of their strengths to make something the world had never seen. And eventually the later period, where the cracks started to show.

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Our group of strong-willed heroes had achieved all they could together, and parted ways before stuff got too weird. During his heyday at PayPal, Reid says this team of heroes were united toward a common goal:. So, you got a lot of people who had that level of similarity all willing to work together, despite the fact they had enormous political differences, what the mission of the company was. Reid was working every day — 8 days a week — to keep the PayPal team pointing in the same direction.

They were united for a time, toward a common mission. PayPal was helping all of them be heroes in this chapter of their own stories. But the later chapters had very different endings They all had different ways of thinking. Different goals.

So there was a friction between them. And it would crop up at the strangest of times. COHEN: Reid and Peter actually had a short-lived public access talk show together where they would argue their views in front of bemused guests and audiences. So Reid was used to strange interactions with Peter.

It was part of the bedrock of their friendship. So Reid braced himself. Give me the next three sentences. Another three sentences.

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  • So I was curious about that. Not in beans, not in flues, but in US dollars. The real question is, what company are you working at? All that passion, which could so easily cause them to fly apart like an unstable radioactive atom, is instead binding them together.

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    Letting them harness all that energy for the mission they all believe in. Of course, once they achieve that mission, they are likely to go flying apart. I believe that to chart a truly epic journey to scale — you need to make everyone you enlist a hero — not just in your story, but in their own. Executive Producer of Masters of Scale; co-founder — with Deron Triff — of WaitWhat, the company behind it, former head of media at TED, and — for just this special two-part episode — your host.

    And I believe that to chart a truly epic journey to scale you need to make everyone you enlist a hero, not just in your story, but in their own. But somehow, when it comes to our work lives, we lose the plot. Dorothy has to make it to the Emerald City, in order to meet the Wizard and find her way home. She recruits a team — the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion — to travel the yellow brick road with her.

    But each was really looking to become a hero in their own story. They would have warmly wished Dorothy the best of luck, as they waved her on her way from the safety of Munchkinland. If you want your collaborators and customers to really go the distance with you — you have to ask: How can I make each of them a hero in THEIR story, and not just mine?

    Crazy Story, Pt. 3

    I wanted to talk to Reid about this theory because he has a language around hero-dom — and a set of practices which come up again and again on Masters of Scale. In Part 2, Reid puts those ideas into practice through LinkedIn, through investing at Greylock, and through his most recent book Blitzscaling , which like this podcast gives everyone the tools to scale a company or idea.

    Ten thousand customer support emails unanswered each week! As a quick refresher, PayPal was an independent payment system. But their users were all on eBay. And eBay had purchased a different payment system, which of course, eBay preferred to use. They looked at PayPal as kind of the wild, wild west. No law and order, no sheriffs in town, these untrustworthy scruffy sorts of people. It was a full court press across the entire field to try to keep eBay onboard with PayPal growing and thriving on the eBay marketplace.

    HOFFMAN: And then also making sure that they understood that there would be a huge cost to trying to shut us down, making sure that PayPal customers were being very public and vocal about how much they loved the service. But how did PayPal actually win over eBay customers? No, sometimes fortune favors the fast. Here, you can pay with PayPal. You just never know which small tactic will let you emerge the hero….

    And Reid has what you might call a freedom fund that will make it possible to launch his long-delayed second startup. Like every other technological trend, which had been semiconductors, and enterprise software, and networking equipment — there are some winners — then you move on to the next trend.

    But Reid saw it differently. In that movie, the biggest wins of the internet age were still ahead — some of them would come from social networks, anchored in your real identity. And Reid would be among the heroes who would help create this new world. Now he was considering which kind of hero he wanted to be…. If you were writing a movie about a character named Reid Hoffman, you would have his first angel investment be in Friendster. That made Friendster very easy. And not just because it had the potential of great returns. Reid invested, because Friendster was building the kind of social network Reid believed in.

    Developing a millionaire mindset in 3 steps

    And this is such an important lesson for anyone seeking investors. Look for people whose personal mission will be advanced by your success. People who will see themselves as a hero in their own story if you succeed. My co-founder Deron and I followed this advice when we were fundraising for the startup behind Masters of Scale.