Herbs Guide - Cooking, gardening, spices, seeds, plants & your health.

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And fruit trees provide beautiful, fragrant blossoms in spring, shade in summertime and leaves in fall that can be used for mulch. Herbs can be used for cooking obviously, but also for making teas, infused oils and many more products you can use around the house. These are probably the easiest to grow.

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Most herbs do not need too much water which makes it great for busy families. They grow well in containers, so you can have a bunch of containers in the hotter part of your garden and bring some of the more tender herbs inside a greenhouse or even into the house over winter. Many herbs are also perennials, so they might die back in winter but come back again in spring when the weather warms up.

Herbs such as basil need to be seeded each year, but can also be grown on the kitchen windowsill indoors to enjoy in winter cooking. Spices we use often come from exotic lands that have hot temperatures all year. However many spices will also grow in cooler temperatures or with a little help in staying warm throughout their growing season. Spices and other flavourings do often come from vegetable plants or herbs so there is a bit of overlap with the above.

But often these plants are solely grown for the use as spices as opposed to being a main or side dish. And some spices are actually the seeds from herbs such as cilantro seeds are ground to make coriander. Note: not all flowers are edible and some are actually poisonous, even if you only use them as decoration on foods.

In some cases certain parts of a flower or the plant are edible and other parts are not.

If in doubt, do not consume plant material without checking first to ensure it is safe to eat or use as decoration. Use at your own risk.

Step 2: Choose your herbs

Flowers are not only attractive in the garden. Edible flowers also can be used to flavour dishes or just used for decoration. Chive flowers are great to decorate a potato salad where you have used the chives for flavour. Pansies are often used to decorate baked goods and cakes. Rose petals can be used for teas and rose hips as well to make a tea that is good for boosting Vitamin C levels. And quite a few of the edible flowers can also be used for pest control. There are so many edibles you can grow in your garden. If you enjoyed this article, have something to add or have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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25 Best Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden - The Herb Exchange

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Close Menu. Herb or sweet fennel and blushing bronze fennel are taller plants that soften any scene with their feathery texture.

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  7. Fennel pollen has been a trendy spice among chefs since before , though Italian cooks have used it as a dry spice for hundreds of years. Boasting the complex citrusy-licorice flavor of fennel in concentrated form, fennel pollen includes the pollen and dried petals that fall from fennel blossoms as they dry. To harvest fennel pollen, snip several heads of blooming fennel into a clean paper bag, and place in a warm, dry place for at least a week. Give the bag a good shake, and gather the pollen and petals that accumulate in the bottom of the bag.

    How to Grow Your Own Herbs for Cooking

    When stored in an airtight jar in a cool, dry place, fennel pollen will store for several months. You will want to leave some flowers behind to produce seeds for cooking, and the flowers will provide nectar for many beneficial insects.

    In a 7-year study in the Crimea , eight species of beneficial wasps were observed gathering nectar from fennel. Hoverflies like fennel, too, and it is a preferred host plant for the larvae of black swallowtail butterflies, commonly known as parsleyworms. I would much rather see them on a towering fennel plant than on my petite little parsley! Fennel seeds have long been used to reduce intestinal gas, which is why many cooks add a few fennel seeds to the cooking water when cooking asparagus, cabbage, beans, and other gas-producing foods.

    Grow Yourself to Greater Health.

    When taken as a nutritional supplement , fennel capsules can reduce common symptoms of menopause. Or you might try fennel to lose weight.

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    8. In a recent Korean study , overweight women reported wanting to eat less after drinking fennel tea before a big meal.