Holy Spirit Made Me Do It: A Christians Guide to Spiritual Etiquette

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How (Not) to Correct Another Christian

Appreciate the honestly. Well, I think we do need to speak the truth but we need to speak in love. We have prayerfully asked the Lord to raise up a church in our hometown. Those who then wanted more, naturally wanted to join the assembly we attended. We were attending a church, however, that was an hour away. That was an immediate closed door.

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So, we decided it would be best to attend one in our local area. This local church was one we had attended before, but it was very small and did not have a proper Sunday School in place for our small children. At about the time of my prayerful request back in , however, someone in our town felt the call to go into the ministry. Then, about three weeks ago, he and a co-pastor began this new work.

We spent the time in between our request to this fulfillment, however, actively engaged in a local assembly. We waited upon the Lord before moving, knowing our request and knowing he could absolutely raise up and plant such a church in our community. One whose mission is to prioritize and teach the Word of God and whose structure and organization reflected the qualifications of pastors and leaders in the church — for the sake of representing the community, vs. We are so grateful for this new opportunity that is so close to us — whose mission and structure are nicely aligned with who we are as a family — and in keeping with the doctrinal foundations of our faith — that now we must say goodbye to our current church assembly.

I intend to use some form of the dialogue on the misalignment issue to announce, gracefully, our move. I needed to leave a church because it was too liberal.

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Also, the pastor was speaking too well of a group he is a member of that I knew to be questionable and of a public figure that I knew to be Christian In Name Only. I realized this and I wanted to leave quietly. I had hoped that I could pull the disappearing act, but I realized that people were concerned, that there were people in the congregation who were trying to find me.

They had my cell phone, but not my home phone.

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  7. I realized that I needed to say Goodbye and tell them that I am more conservative than the congregation is and I would be doing the congregation a disservice if I stayed. Fortunately, I did not join the church. I was pushed to join after a few months. Then things ended in a scene. I did get to say goodbye to two of the three people, but that was outside the church before service.

    I now know that the people in the basement heard what had just happened—and that was because of e-mails I got last night.

    Go in peace. I felt, for a variety of reasons, my season had come to a close…so I moved on. The best way to leave a church is if God calls you out. For 5 years we dug in our heels until finally we admitted it was time to leave. There were problems with doctrinal issues and dissatisfaction but ultimately we were led by the Holy Spirit to join up with a different body of believers. My husband wrote a letter to the pastor, thanking him for his leadership over the years but that we felt the call of God to go elsewhere.

    He came to our home and we did talk about some of the issues. In fact, the opposite happened. We thrived and grew so much in our faith and in service to the Lord. But this leaving thing is definitely not going to be as simple as sneaking away. If it is possible to leave a church as gracefully as you described, maybe there is no need to leave at all, after discussing and solving the problems? We must also accept our life without an official congregation, now we luckily have our believing friends and relatives, maybe that is a kind of church also?

    Probably this is unhealthy situation, many people are lonely here. I am so sorry you were hurt in the church. You show some great wisdom in your comment. I am praying for you this morning. Leaving some churches is much, much more complex. I chose to leave mormonism when I realized it was built upon a foundation of lies.

    Some of my mormon friends and even family want nothing do do with me anymore.

    holy spirit made me do it a christians guide to spiritual etiquette Manual

    I have been and forevermore will be branded an apostate. Even though I have not actively sought to destroy mormonism, even though my personal journey out has been graceful on my part , I still get grief from members and I am still branded negatively. Sometimes you just have to rip off the band-aid. Note: I cannot use my real name for fear of reprisals against me and my family. Not physical reprisal, but socially speaking. I have no desire to add fuel to the fire. Stay strong, you are not alone. I have been facing similar reasons with church mentioned.

    I have sought out to reconnect with my authentic self. The one genuine Christ loving charismatic, charitable, good will person I was before becoming a cult brainwashed individual back in Now the healing is taking place for my son and I. Wish I g you each the very best. I agree an exit interview or good chat with leaders its best policy, however, when the church in question its a controlling manipulative organization that causes damage one must flee as a person does away from harms way.

    Can you please clarify this one line for me please. I have had to stand up against many an injustice perpetrated upon me and my family and also upon others and have dared to accuse them of wrongdoing and being unjust — with NO ONE from among them Bishop, Priest or devout and prominent members of the church ever caring to hear our plea or right the many wrongs we faced. To answer your question, NO…I do not believe you insulted Christ. Some people dismiss the church casually or cynically. And I was talking about the the capital C church…the Church that Christ sees.

    His true church. As a human leader of the church, I need to own my mistakes, as do the people who harmed you.

    See a Problem?

    Noel, thanks for not giving up on Jesus or his Church. I pray you receive deep healing and that the people who wronged you forgive you. If not here, then all will be righted in eternity. Thank you Carey for your prompt and encouraging reply. Was there an error in the last line of your post or did I not get it right?

    The people who wronged us forgive me or we forgive those who wronged us? I do forgive them even without their admitting their crimes or asking for forgiveness and I do pray for them. But I do continue to ask them to stop the oppression on my people.

    The Olive Leaf

    And because of this they priests and believers hate me like anything. People are hauled up for the smallest of fault. And the church takes ages to forgive them when they make some mistakes commit sins. EVERY CHURCH needs to be a community of people who keep loving constantly, forgiving ceaselessly and caring for the welfare of others in and outside the church without any discrimination.

    Pre-meal Prayer: The Official Rules

    I am sure very few would ever think of leaving the church if they were loved, forgiven and helped without ceasing…. I meant ask for forgiveness from you. The church is much more diverse than that. I hope you find a great church community to be part of Noel. People have left our church — kind of. They still bring their kids to youth activities and outings, and some remain in their small group.

    Bill…thanks for this. Interesting challenge. It might not resolve their situation but it might give you and the team some clarity and areas to grow in moving forward. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.