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Mission Overview

Volunteer, spread the word, involve your school or church. Find out all the different ways you can be a part fo the solution.

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  4. Union Rescue Mission - Helping People in LA Overcome Homelessness.

Over 14, articles of clothing were given to families in need through our special events and direct assistance program. Last year we provided more than 7, nights of safe, warm and comfortable sleep to the men in our Life Recovery Program.

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A warm meal nourishes the body, mind and soul. It can make all of the difference in the world.

We serve hot, nutritious meals at various locations in the Victor Valley. Click here for the latest news and updates. Life Recovery Program. I Need Help We are here for you.

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  • Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission – Changing our Cities one Life at a Time.
  • Donate You can help end homelessness in Victor Valley by giving a gift of whatever size. I have lived homeless for many years During my time at The Mission, I learned what the true meaning of forgiveness was and for the first time in my life, I accepted Christ as my Lord and put my complete trust in Him. Although the program is a difficult one, God used The Mission to teach me how to live as a true Christian. I am not perfect.

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    I still have issues I struggle with. But I am no longer the angry person I was.

    You can feed one hungry neighbor for $2.05 today.

    By the grace of my Lord, my life has been changed. I am now a Coordinator at The Mission. A position that I believe God has prepared me for my entire life. Until I found God in my life, and began living by His will and not my own, I led a life of complete chaos and self destruction.

    What does homelessness in Phoenix look like?

    Homelessness is surrounded by many myths and half-truths, but to really understand the issues around homelessness, its causes and real solutions, we have to overcome some common myths like these. Imagine a room where once you step in, the world around you is magically transformed…. Meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need.

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    • Addiction Treatment Recovery Program.
    • Change a life. Volunteer;
    • Families Moved Into Permanent Housing. Check out our Annual Report to learn more about the impact you had last year. Learn More. Read More. Previous Next. Take Action. Lend your hands and heart to help homeless neighbors.