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How to Become a Successful NLP Practitioner - Live With Power - NLP Training

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Free! Become a Successful NLP Coach

What You Will Receive 1. Invite your friends, family, co-workers! Know about our Referral Program here. Due to limited seating for the Integrative NLP Practitioner Trainings, students are limited to attending the training a maximum of 2 times.

Who Else Wants to be Successful at NLP?

This will ensure that others have an opportunity to take advantage of this special training. Satisfaction Guarantee: Please click here to read about our guarantee. Toll free: Who Studies NLP? This systematic scoping review aims to reveal research patterns that lead to implementations that impact healthcare.

In an effort to identify Natural Language Processing implementations that improve patient care and processes, we are conducting a systematic scoping review. Most NLP research projects measure their outcomes in terms of fidelity to a gold standard. While this is a necessary component to a NLP system it is not sufficient to answer whether or not NLP is adding value to a health care process.

For this review, we located research in the area of NLP of text from electronic health records, and identified the outcome measures being used in addition to or instead of accuracy and precision.

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In addition, we identified the funding mechanisms, research group make-up, medical specialties and special conditions for all of these research project. We hope to identify patterns in research that has been able to successfully push NLP research beyond accuracy and into operationalized use in a health care system.

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  • Graduates will receive certification upon their successful completion in NLP!.
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The methodology developed to produce this scoping review can now also be applied to other areas of interest to CD2H. We encourage the community to get involved. Please make tickets or provide comments on the manuscript. Please make any suggestions.