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This is a particular letdown for fans of period British drama, who love nothing more than settling in to watch a story about people who wear wellies and cardies to walk through picturesque cobblestone roads on their way to chat over cozy-covered teapots. Mortimer and Nighy are captivating as always, and so it takes a while to realize that the many slow pauses are not adding up to much. While Fitzgerald wanted to explore small town small-mindedness and petty politics, it is fair to expect that a movie about a bookshop that has three characters commenting that they do not like reading will at least find one of them at some point captivated by a book, perhaps even Lolita.

And Nighy is burdened with a reclusive, book-loving character whose quirks are intended to be endearing, but even he cannot make it work. Understanding makes the mind lazy.

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Reviews The Bookshop. With so many ideas for what the shop could do, it feels almost plodding to ask what it might be made of. The current trend for pop-up shops is not just a consequence of the recession but a symptom of the need to experiment in response to changing shopping habits.

You fail quicker so that you can move on. The point about not blowing the budget on architecture but instead focusing on programming the space was also made by It was In The shop would be called The Art of Storytelling, the thinking being that stories endure, no matter what form books take.

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Lee and Jim Thompson, Sushi-style conveyor belt delivering short reads and reviews to consume with your coffee. And a tree. Like Gensler, This strategy seems sound: woo customers through the doorwith a few striking features and then make it as easy as possible for them to buy something.

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In contrast to the British enthusiasm for pop-up stores in scruffy spaces, Burdifilek, a Canadian interior-design practice responsible for a swathe of sleek shops from Joe Fresh in New York to parts of Brown Thomas in Dublin, opted to go fiercely upmarket. Though they too felt the shop should do more than merely sell books.

So for six weeks, the focus might be cookery, with the store selling pots and pans as well as cookbooks; then it might switch to Danish design.


Burdifilek gave their store a glass roof, drenching the ground floor with daylight, which drizzles down to the basement through a wider-than-necessary stairwell. The big opening steals selling space upstairs but works to entice the customer downstairs, where they will find general-interest books and a long reading table with stools that can be moved to make room for events.

The void also allows a digital kinetic screen on the back wall to span both storeys. They all give you something to do with your hands, at table height, as soon as you enter.

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They all have a double-height feature that both identifies the brand and draws the customer deeper into the space. Gensler chose to put their store on one floor, but said the wall spelling tl;dr would work as well over two or more storeys.

They all use hand-held card readers. At almost 40, sq ft, it may be the last vast bookstore ever to be built. To make a special request please contact Diane Evans, Gallery Manager, d. Share Support Visit.

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The Bookstore The Polygon Gallery Bookstore, on the second floor, showcases international photobooks, magazines and postcards, by publishers such as Aperture, Steidl, Mack Books and the Archive of Modern Conflict, alongside its own publications. Sunil Gupta - Christopher Street, Long Story Short.

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