The Monastic Warrior Diet: Eating for Health, Vitality and Longevity

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When people thought the world was flat no one dared question it. It was the prevailing consensus belief of the time and to suggest otherwise was to be outcasted. In order for innovation to take place outdated paradigms must be examined, broken apart, and woven back together with up to date knowledge.

We must question the basic assumptions left over as artifacts from a partially forgotten past. The ancient systems of diet and medicine contain valuable pieces of wisdom. We must also understand that these dietary systems were originally designed to help people reach a balanced state of health. To alleviate sickness and disease or to prevent sickness and disease from occurring. This is a basic tenet of good health; to remain unsusceptible to illness.

In order to quantum leap beyond the basic set point of balanced health proposed in the distilled teachings of these systems we must uproot what was lost to us over time. The modern day teachings of Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine in particular are watered down and consist of paraphrased translations from the original teachings. So many practitioners take these teachings on as the gospel truth warranted from a 5, year old system.

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It is my intention to weave the best aspects of these systems and integrate them into a high living foods approach. There is also the three life force principles called the agni, ojas, and ama.

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The explanation on dosha types and the three vital essences is far beyond the scope of this book and can be further explored in Ayurvedic specific books, lectures, and Dr. Tamasic: The tamasic diet is a hunter-warrior based diet which most of the world operates from today. This is a survival diet for indigenous humans and in most cases a diet rooted in addiction and gluttony for modern humans. The foundation of the standard American food supply is based on tamasic foods which according to Vedic wisdom promote doubt, pessimism, and lethargy.

Tamasic foods are considered dry, old, distasteful, decaying, and absent of life force. These foods include excessively processed, canned, pasteurized, microwaved, genetically modified, chemical laced, demineralized, and excessively hybridized foods. This also includes all conventionally raised flesh foods including poultry, beef, fish, chicken, duck, lamb, eggs, hormonally altered homogenized and heat treated dairy products. Rajastic: The rajastic diet is meant for those who live a very active and on the go lifestyle.

Those who are athletes, fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, entertainers, world travelers, and those who work full time in a demanding occupation would adhere to this form of diet. This is not designed for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment through solitude and meditation. How can I combine the two? This Is What Happened…. At the beginning of , in the depths of mental and physical despair, Andrew had a simple idea to treat food addiction by quitting food, in much the same way an alcoholic should quit alcohol.

He ended up quitting all foods except potatoes, in a simple experiment to see what would happen.

Pretty soon Andrew's story went viral around the globe as people were captivated by his incredible weight loss and physical and mental health improvements. So many thousands of people asked Andrew for help over the course of the year that the best way to help as many people as possible was to collate all the advice he had given in the form of a book.

Thus he found that completely unintentionally he'd become a published author. Questions we ask in this episode: How do you define food addiction and what are the tell-tale signs? Can certain foods or supplements aid to suppress the addictive habits?

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What 3 tips could you offer those wanting to make change? Andrew was a former junior Australian champion marathon kayaker, struggling with a lifetime of food addiction and dieting that left him weighing in at over kilos. His story went viral when the world caught wind of the then 36 year old Aussie dad, who had embarked upon a quest to eat only potatoes for an entire year.

The results of this experiment were nothing short of remarkable, and today Andrew coaches thousands of people through their food addiction issues and focuses on addressing the root causes of overeating. Over to Andrew. Hey guys, this is Stu from one 80 nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Andrew Tyler to the podcast.

Andrew, how are you? Andrew Very well, and I'm honored to be a guest, so thank you for having me. Stu Thank you for agreeing to come on. So really, really keen to get into your story and also the discoveries that you learned along your journey. But before we jump into any of that stuff, if you could just tell us a little bit about yourself for our listeners that may not be familiar with you.

Andrew Well, my name is Andrew. I'm Spud Fit, basically. That's my online alter-ego, Spud Fit, that's my website, it came about because, I guess most people listening would know me from, well, maybe they don't know me at all, that's probably more likely. But the people that do know me, would know me from a couple of years ago. I got my little 15 minutes of zed grade fame for eating only potatoes for an entire year. Yeah, that was something that I thought at the time was the most boring thing a person could possibly ever do, and in hindsight, it made sense that people were interested in it, but it was a surprise.

So yeah, I got a little bit of a viral fame, in inverted commas, from that. Annabel and Susan have compiled almost short cuts to health in mid and later life, including: how, when and what to eat; the supplements worth taking; when, where and how to exercise; the most useful medical tests; how to avoid health-threatening chemicals; the best methods for keeping the brain sharp; and how to sleep better. How important is community for overall well being? Between them, both Annabelle and Susan witnessed family members succumb to heart disease, cancer, dementia and diabetes and wanted to do everything they could do to reduce their risk of suffering the same fate.

So, for the last five years, they've immersed themselves in the latest medical studies, radically overhauled their own lives and documented their findings via a blog. And now a book.

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In this episode we discussed the health misconceptions that mainstream media lead us to believe and learn about the four cornerstones of healthy aging that holds the key to truly optimizing our own health. Over to Annabelle and Susan. Hey guys, this is Stu from one Nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Annabelle streets and Susan Saunders to the podcast. Ladies, good morning. Susan Really good. Annabelle Good morning Stewart. Susan Good morning from London.

Stu All the way from London way. Hopefully you've got a nice day. We are just coming to an end over here in Australia. So, but I can tell you that Friday's been a good day, so don't despair. It's all good. Annabelle Good, good. We are hoping for a good Friday ahead of us. Susan Yeah, this is a good start to the day. Stu So, first up, thank you so much for joining me today. I've got loads and loads of questions that I want to fire at you as well. But for all of those people, our listeners, that are not familiar with you guys, your work, books, things like that, I just wondered if you could share a little bit about yourselves please.

Annabelle Yes. Well we, we met about 10 years ago outside the school where we had two daughters and we started talking and we discovered fairly early on that we both had very similar backgrounds in terms of the families that we came from and the, the diseases that we believed were in our genes.

And a, and we sort of cemented our early friendship over conversations about subjects like dementia and Alzheimer's and all those sorts of things. And then later on we decided to start blogging. We were both working, we had young children, we were very, very busy and we were finding it quite hard to adopt sort of healthy lifestyle practices into our own lives because we were, we're juggling so many, so many balls. He is a health coach who helps people achieve high levels of health.

He specializes in heart health and autoimmune issues. How do you exercise to support your evolutionary beliefs?

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Stephen Hussey. Hussey is a chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, and online health coach. In this episode, we discuss how Dr. Hussey manages his Type I diabetes, using a ketogenic approach to eating.

And also, talk about how an understanding of our evolution could guide us to optimizing our health today. This is Stu from Nutrition. And I am delighted to welcome Dr. Stephen Hussey to the podcast today. Hussey, how are you? Stephen Pretty good. Stu Very well, thank you. Very well. So thank you for sharing some of your time.