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Paying tribute to Peter, Elder Jeffrey R. I am grateful for the excellent article on the redemption of the dead by Catherine Thomas, who begins her examination of the topic with a portion of this selection from The Inferno. See M. Paulsen, Roger D. Cook, and Kendel J. Additional essays by Paulsen and his colleagues expand their analysis to baptism for the dead in early Christianity and the application of the doctrines regarding redemption of the dead in the Restoration.

See David L. Paulsen and Brock M. Paulsen, Kendel J. Paulsen, Judson Burton, Kendel J. Importantly, not all Christian readings interpret being born of water and Spirit, described in John , to be baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost, as Latter-day Saint interpretations generally do. For various interpretations of this passage, see Raymond E.

Brown, This Gospel According to John , vol. I believe received their endowments on the mount.

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Bruce R. Kent P. Jackson and Robert L. Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas A. Regarding the differing interpretations of 1 Peter, Richard L. For a detailed examination of these questions, see — Andrew H. Hedges, J. Spencer Fluhman, and Alonzo L. John W.

Welch with Erick B. Joseph Smith indicated that the remaining portion, including the part referring to Peter, was written the following September. See MacKay et al. Jensen, eds. Dean C. Jessee, Ronald K. Kate B. Whitney, The Life of Heber C.

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Kimball Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, , Smith was present. He made brief address.

A Hylomorphic Theory of Mind

Talmage, October 4, , James E. See James E. Talmage, October 5—7, Smith completes his 80th year today. We all regret that he is in a very precarious state of ill health. I called at the Beehive House to express my greetings on his birthday, bearing a note of congratulation and hope as I hesitated to even ask to see him.

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Smith grows more serious and alarming every day. Smith has been in a state of intense suffering. Added to his former ailments, pleurisy is now developing.

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Two days later, early in the morning of November 19, , President Smith passed away. On the same day that he recorded the events of conference, Talmage skeptically commented in his journal on rumors that the German Chancellor was making overtures for peace.

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He also recounted special mass meetings held in conjunction with conference to encourage the purchase of Liberty Bonds as well as a vote by church membership sustaining the procurement of additional bonds by the church itself. James E. Talmage, diary, October 5—6, It can become a true celebration when the liturgical leader is able to name the space where joy and sorrow touch each other as the place in which it is possible to celebrate both life and death.

So the first and most basic task of contemporary Christian leaders is to lead people out of the land of confusion and into the land of hope. Compassion must become the core, and even the nature, of authority… which is visible in Jesus Christ…. But the danger is that instead of becoming free to let the spirit grow, ministers may entangle themselves in the complications of their own assumed competence and use their specialism as an excuse to avoid the much more difficult task of being compassionate.

The task of Christian leaders is to bring out the best in everyone and to lead them forward to a more human community; the danger is that their skillful diagnostic eye will become more an eye for distant and detailed analysis than the eye of a compassionate partner…. While doctors can still be good doctors even when their private lives are severely disrupted, ministers cannot offer service without a constant and vital acknowledgement of their own experience. If there is any posture that disturbs a suffering man or woman, it is aloofness. The tragedy of Christian ministry is that many who are in great need, many who seek an attentive ear, a word of support, a forgiving embrace, a firm hand, a tender smile, or even a stuttering confession of inability to do more, often find their ministers distant people who do not want to burn their fingers.

Such ministers are unwilling or unable to express their feelings of affection, anger, hostility, or sympathy. After so much stress has been laid on the necessity of leaders preventing their own personal feelings and attitudes from interfering in a helping relationship, it seems necessary to re-establsih the basic principle that none of us can help anyone without become involved, without entering with our whole person into the painful situation, without taking the risk of becoming hurt, wounded, or even destroyed in the process….

Person concern means making Mr.

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Harrison [a year old patient in the hospital who is about to have a life-threatening surgery and is afraid to die] the only one who counts, the one for whom I am willing to forget my many other obligations, my scheduled appointments and long-prepared meetings, not because they are not important but because they lose their urgency in the face of Mr.

Many will put their trust in someone who went all the way out of concern for just one of them. How does our Liberator come? I have found an old legend in the Talmud which may suggest to us the beginning of an answer:. The others unbind all their wounds at the same time and then bind them up again.

The Messiah, the story tells us, is sitting among the poor, binding his wounds only one at a time, always prepared for the moment when he might be needed. So it is too, with ministers. Since it is their task to make visible the first vestiges of liberation for others, they must bind their own wounds carefully, in anticipation of the moment when they will be needed. They are each called to be the wounded healer, the ones who must not only look after their own wounds, but at the same time be prepared to heal the wounds of others.

They are both wounded ministers and healing ministers…. The Talmud story suggests that, because he binds his own wounds one at a time, the Messiah would not have to take time to prepare himself if asked to help someone else. He would be ready to help. Jesus has given this story a new fullness by making his own broken body the way to health, to liberation and life. Thus, like Jesus, those who proclaim liberation are called not only to care for their own wounds and the wounds of other, but also to make their wounds into a major source of healing power.

Ministers who have come to terms with their own loneliness and are at home in their own houses are hosts who offer hospitality to their guests. They give them a friendly space, where they may feel free to come and go to be close and be distant, to rest and to play, to talk and to be silent, to eat and to fast.

The paradox indeed is that hospitality asks for the creation of an empty space, where the guests can find their own souls. Why is this a healing ministry? It is healing because it takes away the false illusion that wholeness can be given by one to another. It is healing because it does not take away the loneliness and the pain of others, but invites them to recognize their loneliness on a level where it can be shared. Many people in this life suffer because they are anxiously searching for the man or woman, the event or encounter which will take their loneliness away….

Ministers are not doctors whose primary task is to take away pain. Rather, they deepen the pain to a level where it can be shared… so that they no loner have to run away from it but can accept it as an expression of the basic human condition…. No minister can save anyone. We can only offer ourselves as guides to fearful people.